3906 W. Ina Road, Suite 204, Tucson, AZ 85741


Happy Faces

Customer Testimonials

They do such amazing work!!! Always taking care of my dog and such great customer service keeps me coming back.

Vincent T.

Pet Owner

Best groomers in Tucson. Julie, the owner is AMAZING. DEFINITELY worth the money.

Lauren W.

Pet Owner

Buddy has never looked so good. A great job! His new spa place for sure.

David P.

Pet Owner

I’ve never brought any dogs to the groomers before but I got a cairn terrier for Christmas and I brought Toto yesterday here and I’ve was beyond delighted with the service, the atmosphere, and the cost was very reasonable!

Laura H.

Pet Owner

They are the only ones I’ve let take care of my poodle’s over the years from little poodles to Standard Poodles they do a fantastic job they really care about the animals.

Terry D.

Pet Owner

Augie went in today with pine resin all over him and they tried special soaps rather than just shave him like others might have done. He looks fabulous!

Cindi N.

Pet Owner

This is the most compassionate, professional, competent and experienced Pet Grooming facility in Tucson bar none! I’ve been taking my Australian Shepherd Buddy Teddy’s for about 8 Years! So when I got my aussie puppy Bella, I took her to Teddy’s for her very first Spa Day! I wouldn’t even consider another groomer. Teddys is the best in town!

Pamela A.

Pet Owner

I took my lil boy Max there because my parents who live in Tucson recommended that I try this place when I get into town. I spoke the owner Julie who listened to what I wanted and she did an amazing job on my Max.

I will most likely take Max there from now on when I’m in town .

Monica V.

Pet Owner

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